About me

I am a first year PhD at Carnegie Mellon University, Robotics Institute, advised by Abhinav Gupta. My interests are in the intersection of computer vision and machine learning. I did my undergrad & masters at Korea University under professor Jaegul Choo(now @ KAIST).

[Google scholar] [Github] contact: seungjoy@andrew.cmu.edu


[June 2019] I interned at Adobe Research San Francisco, where I had a wonderful time being mentored by Richard Zhang, Cynthia Liu, and Matt Fisher
[Jan 2019] I received the Adobe Research Women-in-Technology Scholarship Award. Thank you Adobe :)


  1. Multimodal Image Translation with Stochastic Style Representations and Mutual Information Loss
    Sanghyeon Na, Seungjoo Yoo, and Jaegul Choo
    BMVC 2020 (Oral)

  2. Exploring Unlabeled Faces for Novel Attribute Discovery
    Hyojin Bahng, Sunghyo Chung, Seungjoo Yoo, and Jaegul Choo
    CVPR 2020

  3. Coloring with Limited Data: Few-shot Colorization via Memory-Augmented Networks
    Seungjoo Yoo, Hyojin Bahng, Sunghyo Chung, Junsoo Lee, Jaehyuk Chang, and Jaegul Choo
    CVPR 2019
    [pdf][project page]

  4. Coloring with Words: Guiding Image Colorization Through Text-based Palette Generation
    Hyojin Bahng*, Seungjoo Yoo*, Wonwoong Cho*, David K. Park, Ziming Wu, Xiaojuan Ma, and Jaegul Choo (*: equal contribution)
    ECCV 2018

  5. MEGAN: Mixture of Experts of Generative Adversarial Networks for Multimodal Image Generation
    David K. Park, Seungjoo Yoo, Hyojin Bahng, Jaegul Choo, and Noseong Park
    IJCAI 2018


My name is pronounced “Soongjoo” and I prefer to be called Joo :)